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New Photos

Since my last update I have added some more photos for my Project 52:

Week 10
World Wildlife
The photograph of a Goldfinch at home on our bird feeder. Since we moved to Suffolk and put out the feeder we have regular visits from about 30 Goldfinch and they are very partial to Sunflower Heart Seeds. Canon R5, RF 100-500 + 2x Convertor.

Week 11
Famous People
My first visit to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary gave me the opportunity to see a Harris Hawk flying. I had the idea to take a picture for Project 52 by naming it after a famous person, Ethan Hawke. Canon R5, RF 100-500.

Week 12
Luck of the Irish
Tricky theme for this week. On a trip to London with my brothers I was looking for an Irish Pub or something Green. I found this banner at a pub we visited, The Turners Old Star in Tower Hamlets. Canon R5, RF 50mm f1.8.

Week 13
After varnishing a wooden bench and moving it to the garden, a dowsing of rain gave an interesting pattern. Canon R5, RF 35mm f1.8.

Week 14
On the same trip to London I looked for groups of people for this week's theme. I saw the Mural depicting the Battle of Cable Street. This was a battle to end a march organised by British Union of Fascists down Cable Street in 1936. Canon R5, RF50mm f1.8.

New Photo's + Dragon PSU

A new week and a new photo for project 52. This weeks theme is 'Ecclesiastical', anything related to the church. While on a visit to the Science Museum in London I saw an exhibit in the Medical section of the Museum which consisted of three crosses. These date back from the early 1900's and are markers for the graves of patients who died in the care of psychiatric hospitals. If there were no family members to take care of the funeral they were buried in the grounds with impersonal numbers. The ones in the photograph come from St Audry's Hospital in Suffolk. Photo taken with a Canon M5.

Also added this week was a photo of the Dragon PSU board I finally got round to building. One of the items in short supply for the Dragon computers are the transformers. They have a special winding providing a dual AC voltage. This board is a replacement that uses a single 12v switch mode power supply input and provides a more powerful 5v to power more peripherals. Although the board is working and has the correct voltage outputs I have yet to try it in a Dragon. It can be used on either the Dragon 32 (-5v supply required) or the Dragon 64 (-12v supply required).

This week I have ordered two new PCB's, one for a CAN Model Railway control board and the other for a PIC Programmer for 8, 14, 18 and 20 Pin PIC Microcontrollers. It is used with the MikroE Programmer and has two push switches and three LED's for basic circuit testing.

More Project 52...

Since my last update I have added some more Project 52 photographs:

Week 3 - The Letter 'D'
I had started my holiday in Lanzarote when this weeks project was announced and decided to look for something representing the letter D. I looked at docks and many different doors when I settled on this one in a quiet side street in La Santa on the seafront. The paint is run down like a lot of buildings in the area and the paint scheme is repeated everywhere, white rendering with green doors and windows.

Week 4 - Burns Night
For this theme I wanted to create a still life photo of something Scottish but that alone was not enough for me. I looked up Robert Burns to find out more about who he was what he was famous for (apart from Auld Lang Syne) and found a song called 'A Red, Red Rose'. I added a red rose to my scene together with Scotch Whisky and lit with candles and a brief wash of torch light just to lighten the shadows a little. Canon R5 with RF 35mm f1.8 Lens.

Week 5 - Pointy
This week I was still on Holiday in Lanzarote with friends and saw this Mason Wasp land on a bush. I decided it was pointy and used an iPhone 11 Pro to capture the moment.

Week 6 - The Letter 'F'
While in London I was looking for a scene to photograph for the letter F. Near St Pauls Cathedral I noticed this sign in a restaurant that really stood out in the darkness. Canon R5 with RF 24-105 at 70mm. I also used a circular polarising filter to cut out the reflection of the window in front of the sign.

Week 7 - Valentines
This week I decided to use an old photograph from 2014. I loved this photograph of the Red Arrows as soon as I captured it and eight and a half years later I have the perfect opportunity to use it. Bournemouth Seafront Airshow, August 2014. Canon 6D with 24-105 lens at 24mm.

Week 8 - Hot
I wanted to experiment for this photograph. I had an idea to solder something, first of all a copper pipe joint but instead I settled on soldering a PCB. I used a Canon R5 camera with a 100mm RF macro lens to video the process of soldering in 8K. That way I could concentrate on soldering and afterwards I could review the video and export a frame or three. I selected a suitable frame showing smoke from the hot solder joint (mostly flux) and edited it slightly to crop back to 2x3 format and to adjust the highlights and shadows. I am pleased with how sharp the result is.

Started Photography Project 52

I have started a Photography Project 52 for 2023. That is, one photo each week for all 52 weeks of 2023! The theme is decided by someone else so there is no cheating. You need to take a photograph specifically for that theme and not use one you have taken before.

Project 52

Week 1 - New
"New Year, New Photo"

For this I decided on two subjects to signify "New". The first is a calendar with the month January 2023, the New Year. The second was a present I got for Christmas. I always wanted a lego photographer I could include in some close up photos. I put the two together creating a scene where the photographer is capturing a photo of tractors for the new year.

Week 2 - Windows
"Window on the Weather"

My interpretation of the theme of Windows was to show the window keeping the weather at bay.

Dancing Videos Moved

I have moved my Ballroom Dancing Videos to a separate microsite. You will find the link on the Links page and below:

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