This project is for a dice powered by a 3v lithium battery. A press of the button starts the dice rolling which slows to a stop showing a random number. The ramdomness is achieved by continually running through numbers 1-6 even when the dice is not rolling. As this is done at incredible speed you cannot press the button in such a way to predict a number.

The number is displayed on a series of led’s in the pattern of a real dice as can be seen in the picture above. After a short time, if the button is not pressed again, the led’s are turned off and the PIC Microcontroller goes to sleep. This conserves battery power and allows the battery to last a long time without having a power switch. To turn the dice back on simple press the button again.

The project uses a 12F629 8 pin micro controller to conserve space. If required a 12F675 or 12F615 can be used instead and hex files for all three microcontrollers are included in the zip file below.

dice.zip(xxKB) - coming soon

Perry Andrews 2018