Sinclair ZX


I credit Sir Clive Sinclair with bringing the Home Computer to the masses. The first two computers were even offered as kits to reduce the price to the end user and to offer the opportunity to build your own computer.

A friend lent me the first computer I ever used. A Sinclair ZX80 with a graphics conversion so that the screen did not flicker each time the ZX80 had to think about something. It amazed me that this was supplied as a kit because there were a lot of microchips supporting the processor.

After the ZX80 I purchased my first computer, a ZX81. I no longer have this version as I did a fair amount of customisation and it eventually disappeared. I have another example purchased from eBay, which I replaced the keyboard, again purchased from eBay. It is now a good working example with 16K RAM pack.

Later I decided to add a Sinclair Spectrum to my collection and bought a boxed example of a 48K spectrum with the rubber keys. The trouble is having used a BBC Micro extensively the Spectrum does not provide anything special. Yes it is in a small package but it means the keyboard is not as easy to use as either the Dragon or the BBC.

Perry Andrews 2018