Dragon 32


When I had started work I bought a Dragon 32. It cost me £129 from Dixons. Again I modified this and housed it in a separate box. After many years in the shed and never being finished, I bought a non-working example from eBay and replaced the motherboard and PSU with the ones I had originally and now have a great working example as shown in the picture. Together with the Dragon is the Dragons Claw which provides a BBC Micro compatible user port for the Dragon. It is a really great piece of kit for interfacing with gadgets.

Some of the projects I made for the Dragon were a speech†synthesis module that would use allophones to speak the text you gave it. Always sounded like a computer speaking but this was a long time before you could digitally record sound on a PC. I also made my own user port using the 6821 Interface Adaptor to connect an automatic model railway. I never completed this project but I learnt a lot about interfacing electronics and logic addressing.

There is an emulator called xroar available for Windows and Mac from this URL: http://www.6809.org.uk/xroar/

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