Please read the posts below to find out what’s changed on my website.

New Electronics Project

I am working on a new project for a 18 pin PIC programmer that can be used for quick prototyping. The idea is to have a PCB with an edge connecter that can be plugged into a breadboard with a connector for a programmer.

See the projects page for more details.

Pelnet Updates

Hosting server changed so a few updates were necessary for the correct operation of the site.

I added a new electronic project - PIC Programmable Controller. This is an exciting project for a multipurpose controller. It can take analog or digital inputs and control outputs based on these inputs. One of the planned uses will be to control a small model railway layout. The project is still under development but a working prototype exists.

New Theme

New Theme for my website and now I have moved the Copermine Albums directly into my website.

PIC Projects

I have finally added the zip files for the projects on my electronics page. I have also inserted a link to a pdf document showing how to create a PIC project. The tutorial shows every step in the process I use to create a new project. It uses my dice project as an example.

Seperately I have added the dice project including project description and hex files to program your own micro controllers.


I have added a page with a link to my Flickr account.

Raspberry Pi

I have made my first update since going live. I have added a pages about the Raspberry Pi. This little computer designed and made in Britain will be used in many of my projects in the years to come.

First Post

Welcome to the new look Pelnet website. I have been working to update my site since moving from a PC to a Mac as my main computer. With Frontpage no longer updated by Microsoft and not available on the Mac I have been evaluating different packages on the Mac and have found Sandvox offers the features I need.

Perry Andrews 2018